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      Verified Supplier | Shandong hengwang heavy industry
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      Shandong hengwang heavy industry
      Shandong hengwang heavy industry
      Brand name
      Main products Piling machine,Drilling rig,Roller,Lighting vehicle,Concrete machinery
      Annual sales USD 5,000.00
      Date of establishment 2006-03-17
      Number of employees 200 Persons
      Number of R&D staff 10 Persons
      Number of quality inspectors 5 Persons
      Area of factory 12000 ㎡
      Brief Introduction
      Shandong Heng Wang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is the earliest established in 2006, formerly Heng Wang drill factory, by the injection of Shandong Heng Wang Group restructuring, Shandong Heng Wang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was established, registered capital of 50 million is a set of piling machine, drilling machine, road engineering equipment, product development, design, production, sales in one of the high-tech enterprises.
      Company mainly engaged in drilling rigs, piling machines and other engineering machinery and equipment production and processing and development, is committed to China, and even the international to provide suitable products and technology solutions.
      At present, Shandong Heng Wang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. to "call the shots details, the essence Liye" for the development of the concept, and China North Vehicle Group, Sany group's company established good relations of cooperation, and carried out extensive cooperation in drilling, engineering machinery, etc..
      Today Shandong hengwang heavy industries, such as the rising sun. Grow stronger day by day in the military strength of China, under the background of the development of science and technology has become more and more prominent, Shandong Heng Wang heavy industry will also play a more important role, carrying the Chinese enterprise business dream, burdened with the Chinese mechanical engineering span type development of historical responsibility.
      Brief Introduction
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